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Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on May 23, 2008

I’ve had plenty of bikes throughout the years. First bike that I can remember was my Knight Rider Big Wheel. While not technically a bicycle, this three wheeler made me the king of burn outs and rampages throughout the neighborhood. Check it out:

That’s right, folks. I was the shiznit as a five year old. I learned to ride a bicycle at 6 years old. It was a Huffy BMX bike my father bought for me. He put me on the bike pushed me, yelled for me to “Pedal!” I pedaled right into the neighbor’s apartment glass window (nothing broken, including myself). There was an older deaf kid, David, whom I have fond memories of because he helped me to learn to steer, brake, etc. I remember he came home from school and saw me riding around and was yelling excitedly. What a cool kid. I wonder what he’s doing now.

I kept the BMX for a few years. In fourth grade I got a used Diamondback Silver Streak 2 for free. My 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Day, had been tutoring my mom in math in preparation for her upcoming nursing exams. Yeah, it was kind of weird having your teacher at your home a few days a week, but she was a sweet British lady who loved to teach. She seemed to favor me or something, because one day she pulled up with this kick-butt bicycle in her car. She asked me to help her take it out. I looked at the thing and practically drooled. What a cool looking bike. Anyway, she told me to take care of it. I was stumped, confused, and excited! Her son had join the military and no longer needed it.

I have plenty of great memories on that bike and used it for years. I gave it to one of my younger cousins when he came of age. I don’t think he had the same appreciation that I had for this cycle. This bike was groundbreaking to me and has plenty of historical relevance.

Anyway, when the neighborhood kids saw me riding it around, they were all jealous. They knew more about this bike than I did. I learned to wheelie on this bike, bunny hops, and took it over plenty of launch ramps.

In between my current bike, the Specialized Hardrock, I had a cheap 5 speed mountain bike bought from Sears. It served me well throughout my teenage years, and that too was given away to one of my younger unsuspecting cousins (who have taken my older aggressive inline skates, skateboards, and other junk).

So there you have it. The story of my bicycle life in a nutshell.

This morning’s commute was cold. I wore shorts and a muscle shirt thinking I’d warm up quickly. While uneventful, it was relaxing. Supposedly there is a bike trail somewhere along my commute. I kept an eye out for it but could not find it. It doesn’t show up on Google maps, and the parks and recreation map isn’t detailed enough to show me how to get there. If this phantom trail exists, I’ll find it. From the description, it looks like a single track dirt trail.


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