Metal Bike Commuter

Wet Morning

Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on May 27, 2008

The ride in was a wet ride.  Since my bike isn’t optimized for commuting, (no fenders) my bag and back got soaked from the splattering of the rear tire.  Maybe I’ll purchase a commuter-gear bicycle if this day-to-day bike commute becomes a habit.

I saw no one riding today, so either the normal commuters skipped a drizzly morning, or the bike commuters are seriously lacking in my area after National Bike to Work Week finished.  I hope it is the former and not the later.

The afternoon has turned into a hot and humid sunny day.  During lunch I took a 10 minute walk to Atlanta Bread, Co.  I was just a little sweaty while there, but cooled off real quick while eating my chicken cordon bleu panini with an iced sweet tea.  The walk back seemed a bit warmer.  Yuck.  Hot and muggy.  Hopefully I don’t smell too bad.

This is the official start of my 3rd week of bicycle commuting to work.  If I ride 5 days a week, that would equal to about 60 miles a week.  With the rising costs in fuel, this will begin to pay off soon.  So far I think I’ve ridden about 50 to 60 miles total the last two weeks.  That probably saves me two bucks right there.  Two less dollars saved along with an incalculable amount of stress.  Plus, I’m sure my blood pressure is starting to lower.


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