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Is it Friday Already?

Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on May 30, 2008

This is the completion of my third week of bike riding to work.  So far I am having a blast, and find myself in a better mood each morning.  Yesterday was an off day, as I had to drive to a client to fix some end user issues.  I totaled about 80 miles of driving.  80 miles of driving in NJ during work hours is never fun.  All was good though, because I geared up this morning.  While I’m huffing and puffing up and down the hills of Morris County, others are stuck in the rat race driving here and there to get to work.

My odometer turned over to 100 miles on the ride in.  I should have reset my odometer when I began my bicycle commuting, because it’s probably off by about 30 to 40 miles.  Because of the Holiday and the lousy weather, I’ve only ridden about 25 to 30 miles this week.  Maybe I’ll crunch some out over the weekend.

While riding home yesterday, my chain slipped off.  I noticed the chain is looking a little rusty and the bike frame could use a good cleaning.  This is all part of the learning process, I guess.  My bike spent a few weeks on my roof rack driving cross country and also stayed outdoors in the elements for a few months in sunny San Diego.  I figured wrong when I thought it wouldn’t rain that much.  The situation isn’t too bad, nothing a good scrubbing and greasing won’t fix.

I wish I knew some other bike commuters from Morris County.  I’m sure I’d only slow them down, but riding with others seems to raise the level a bit.


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