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Lazy Week and er, sick.

Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on June 18, 2008
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So far, I have yet to ride the bike this week.  I was home sick on Monday, recuperating on Tuesday, and here it is Wednesday.  I stayed up late watching my Celtics dismantle the Lakers in grand fashion.  No way was I able to get up early enough for the ride into work.  So my wife drove me to work with the bike stuffed in the trunk.  (Literally.  I had to use some twine to tie down the trunk door, and halfway down my street, the twine snapped and the trunk popped open.  I pulled over and fixed the twine. We were off).

Unfortunately, I sit now and see rain dumping down grinning at me in a perfectly annoying way.  Thanks.  I think I may have to suck it up and get wet.  My wife told me she can tell I need to ride.  My grumpiness is starting to reach a high factor.

So, rain or shine, I will be on the bike tonight (well, except if there is a thunderstorm).


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  1. kendra said,

    I think it’s clearing up! 🙂

  2. kendra said,

    wait, no it’s not.

  3. metaljaybird said,

    Yeah, I got soaked. Kind of fun, I had a foolish grin on my face as I passed car after car stuck in traffic. I’m sure they thought I was insane. Then the real fun began. Crash of thunder and lightening striking off in the close distance. Despite the wet road conditions and high traffic, I think I made it home in record time.

  4. Dean said,

    Rain kina sucks til your soaked. Careful passing cars on the right where you’re in constant blind spots. Especially around red SUV’s. Nice write up. Happy pedaling.

  5. Mama Mary said,

    OMG I can Comment on everything. This wasn’t so when you where growing up. I feel so liberated. O yes, about the cycling. Think it is mega. (That means brilliant in English). But still very dangerous. (That’s the mom in me speaking).

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