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Thunder and Lightning

Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on June 19, 2008
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Yesterday’s ride home was a soaker.  Oh man was I drenched.  The first mile was nice and dry, but after a few minutes I noticed some sprinkles.  Hustle it up.  As I got further along, the rain started pouring.  Traffic was stopped for most of the ride home.  So those sitting in the comfort of their vehicles had the pleasure of seeing a crazy man huffing and puffing his way through a rain storm up a steep hill.  I even passed my brother inlaw who was driving home from work.  I gave him a quick wave but I don’t think he noticed me.  That’s fine, I was having fun in the rain.

Then the thunder came.  At first it was a distant rumble.  No big deal.  Yeah right.  The closer to my house, the harder it rained.  My peripheral vision noticed flashing off in the distance.  My heart started to pound.  Crack!  Major explosion that almost knocked me off my bicycle.  I did a quick left off the busy street into an office parking lot hoping this would be a shortcut home.  Nope, 8 foot fence lined across the parking lot prevented me from making the early escape.  So I hit the sidewalk going against traffic, desperately trying to run from the storm that wanted to eat me alive.

I finally cut through the back of the A&P and rode through like a banshee.  I couldn’t believe how inspiring a little thunder and lightning is when riding a bike.  Every second I thought was surely my last.  If the lightning didn’t get me, an oblivious driver would.

When I pulled into my driveway, I was wet, exchausted, and my heart rate was at a record high.  I slowly brought my bicycle down through the basement hatchway.  Then, solace.  Peace.  There were two towels laid out where I store my bike.  My wife was kind enough to provide those for me ahead of time realizing my bike and I would be drenched with rain.  I first dried the bike off, taking care to remove any grime from the frame, tires, chain, and gears.  With the bike almost rust free now, I can’t afford to have one storm wreck the entire bike undoing all my hard work.



On the way in this morning, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a large Iced Coffee (just milk) and an egg and cheese on a bagel.  Yumm.  Sorta.  I ran into a former co-worker who thought I was “going green”.  Of course, I then jumped in to defend myself, that I was indeed not going green, but doing this for my own personal selfish reasons.  Maybe I’ll just nod and smile the next time someone yells “Go Green!”.  I’m probably not as concerned about the environment as I should be.  Heck, I’m a libertarian for pete’s sake.

I dumped the Iced Coffee into my water bottle and continued on towards work.

Close call!

I can’t remember if it happened this morning or yesterday afternoon, but I had a close call that had me swerving around a bad driver.  She was stuck in traffic driving a big red van (or SUV) and for some reason decided to pull into the side lane while I was going about 15 mphs.  I first swerved left and then right, made it pass her.  I think I hollered “HEY!”  Yeah, “hey!” is about as creative I get when I have a small heart attack.

Here’s hoping for an uneventful ride home tonight.

Weekly Total: 18 miles (after tonight’s ride.  Yes, I’m counting my chickens before the eggs are hatched).


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  1. Lisa said,

    Hi metaljaybird. I’m a writer and would like to talk with you for a story. You don’t have an email/contact on your blog, so I hope you respond to this comment. My email: Best, ls

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