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July 3rd – 7

Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on July 7, 2008
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Well, I didn’t ride at all this weekend. Sorry, but the wife has nesting fever going on, so I spent my long weekend slaving around the house. Our 2nd baby is to be born any day now!

I did get in a nice long, hilly ride Thursday afternoon. Whew! First, I started going north on 202 north, which turned out to be a bit scary. Route 202 north of Morristown can be a bit hairy. I crossed routes 10, 46, and over 80 and past 287. This section is pretty much the hub of Morris County. Most of the 202 portion of my ride was without any protective shoulders in 45 to 50 MPH traffic zones.

Anyway, I survived the 202 madness and took the pedestrian bridge across the Jersey City Reservoir. This used to be the main connection point for local access between Boonton and Parsippany, but they completed a new bridge and converted the old one into a pedestrian only bridge. It is worth a look at and the view of the reservoir is impressive.

From there I continued towards downtown Boonton. Wow. Talk about an extremely steep hill. You won’t notice how steep the hill is until you ride a bicycle uptown into Boonton. Add the fact that the main drag is extremely narrow and cars are parked on both sides, it makes for another scary ride. I almost got smothered by a huge box truck that didn’t share the lane, and another car honked at me for taking up too much space.

I then meandered around the Mountain Lakes area stopping at a small cafe for a HUGE bottle of water. The town of Mountain Lakes is a wealthy town with some impressing, if not, imposing houses. Check out their beautiful lake if you are in the area. I actually got lost a few times (which you will note in my map). Somehow I ended up on 46, and decided to cut back into Mt. Lakes through a business complex and condo development.

I had a few “races” while riding around. While riding uphill on Intervale in Parsippany, a helmetless (brainless?) dude passed me on the wrong side of the road. I cranked it up a bit and toasted him easily. He eventually crossed over to the right side of the road behind me but couldn’t keep up. Me 1 – them 0.

Heading home in Denville on Pocono Road, I got smoked by another MTB’er. No way was I keeping up. He looked like he did this a lot more than me (just guessing by the general physical shape he was in). Me 1 – them 1.

All in all, my computer read at 17 miles when I rolled into my driveway. Not bad, considering the heavy traffic, obnoxious drivers, steep hills, and bicycle racers.

Another bonus: While working on my car (spark plugs, and wires – man you won’t believe how difficult it was, I had to remove about 10 bolts and 2 panels just to get to the wires) my neighbor asked me if both my cars were working now (yeah, sorta). He wondered if I still planned on riding my bike because he noticed that it was of some benefit to me, that I looked like I was in better shape (yes I am, and thank you!).

Anyway, check out my map if you want. Notice the points where I got lost heh heh.

07/07/2008 Route
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