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Bicycle Accessories

Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on July 8, 2008
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Like most bicycle enthusiasts, I have my collection of bicycle accessories. My current list includes:

Spare Tires
Floor Pumps
Bicycle Pumps
Seat Bag

Of course, as I ride more, I am sure I’ll be adding more to that short list. Right now I ride a Specialized Hardrock, but eventually plan on getting a road bike, or a commuter to add to my small collection. I’ve already provided the history of bikes I have owned, and quite soon I’ll provide a list of dream bicycles.

What is necessary for you as a rider depends on the style of riding you prefer. The commuter will probably require panniers, fenders, and light assemblies. The MTB’er will want thick knobs and some kind of suspension system (full or hardtail). The roadster seems to enjoy slick spandex clothing and bright jerseys. Whatever it is, with time, you will find your way.


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  1. dsangie said,

    I had an old hardrock, great old steel frame. Set it up with a single chainring up front. It fit HUGE knobbies in the frame, no need for suspension! It was my train station, around town bike for a while. I gave it to a friend and I kinda miss it.

  2. metaljaybird said,

    Mine is a 2005 model (I believe). I bought it at Highgear in Stirling, NJ. Comes with front suspension. This is my reintroduction back into the cycling world.

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