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Time for Some Bicycle Parts

Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on July 28, 2008
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Well, the weekend was a wash.  No riding whatsoever.  Sigh.

I did get in a fun quick ride last Friday afternoon.  Heading up 53 towards Denville, I spotted who I believe to be the Mayor of Denville riding south to the Critical Mass in Morristown.  Looks like he left the office straight for the ride still in his work clothes.

Lately my chain has been falling off.  Not frequently, but enough that I notice it happening at least once a week.  Unfortunately, due to my previous carelessness, I think my crankset may need an overhaul.  Also, my brakes are slipping a bit, but that should be a simple matter of replacing the brake shoes.

Even though I have a cheap 300 dollar bike, I still need to maintain the thing.  Bicycle parts are not cheap, but thankfully there is a wealth of quality resources online regarding parts.  Besides, learning how to properly maintain a cheaper bike will only serve to benefit me as I progress into mid and higher range bicycles.

My wife and I took the kids out to Philly this weekend.  I noticed a lot more bikes cruising the streets of Philly this time than when I last visited a couple of years ago.  Most of them were fixies.  Some were single-geared with coaster brake assemblies installed.  Anyway, it was a fun time in Philadelphia this weekend.


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  1. Digital Dame said,

    Bike parts may not be cheap, but most of them are going to be WAAAAAAY cheaper than car parts, and you can do the work yourself! That’s the beauty of these machines to me, even an unmechanically-inclined person such as myself can learn to do many maintenance tasks myself.

  2. metaljaybird said,


    Part of what got me into this is the continual maintenance of my two automobiles. After fixing one thing, another part seems to die. Less wear and tear on my cars if I’m using my bike!

  3. Digital Dame said,

    Amen to that! There’s almost nothing more frustrating (and expensive) than car problems (well, maybe computer problems 😉 )

  4. Michael said,

    If ya need any tools, let me know, I’ve been collecting a decent set of bike specific tools for a while and have plenty of other general tools like allen wrenches etc. around to start my own shop.

  5. metaljaybird said,

    Thanks, I have some tools, but mostly the house workshop variety. I know my fork shocks need to be replaced or cleaned, whichever!

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