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July Stats

Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on August 4, 2008
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I hit my meager goal of reaching 180 miles for the month of July (or 80 more than June).  Interestingly, I haven’t lost as much as weight as I thought I would, so I need to step up the mileage for this month.  Again, I want to add another 80 from my July total, so I’m shooting for 260 miles by the end of August.  I have about 250 miles to go!

Considering the fact that I welcomed a new son into my family last month, I didn’t do too bad.  I was out for about a week, so I might have broken the 200 mile mark if I wasn’t at home tending to my wife and son the week of his birth.  That is alright, this is a sacrifice I would recommend to anyone.

Thursday, I ran into a local bike commuter, Joe.  We rode for a few miles up 53 and talked about how awesome riding is.  He’s a TA at a special needs school in Whippany.  He’ll be getting a new ride from Marty’s Reliable Cycles soon enough, and plans on riding at the next CM.  I plan on attending my first CM this month too!  It was fun riding with someone for a change.  He finally took off going up the hill of Mt. Tabor as I explained that my fat knobby tires would slow him down.

After a few days without riding, I decided to take a small ride around town.  I totalled about 12 miles.  On the way out of town, I spotted the mayor of Denville carrying a rather large box under one arm while riding his bike towards downtown.  I guess he is serious about bicycle riding.


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  1. Digital Dame said,

    Wow, I really feel like a slacker now. I’ve had my bike since May and still only have about 190 miles on it TOTAL! Grrrr, I gotta get this commute figured out.

  2. dsangie said,

    I’m impressed your able to squeeze in bike rides with a new addition to your family. That is inspiring!
    I would’nt sweat not losing too much weight. (-I’m no doctor-) You probably are still gaining alot of strength by biking. When the body is getting alot stronger it does’nt wanna lose weight at the same time. I think when your strength eventually comes close to peaking out, then weight will come off in a more significant way.
    Do you like almonds? I just read that snacking on plain almonds can sorta jumpstart some weight loss.

  3. metaljaybird said,

    I do like almonds. They would serve as a better snack then a bag of chips, for sure.

    Well, I have lost 10 lbs since I started this. I notice my legs are much more muscular (which my wife appreciates).

  4. metaljaybird said,

    Digital Dame,

    You have no excuses, living in bicycle paradise 🙂

    Seriously, I woke up one morning tired of driving and rode. I arrived over an hour early thinking I would need the extra time, and found that if I stay alert, I can avoid most dangerous situations (looking over my left shoulder, predicting bad driving, etc)

    It’ll happen soon enough, until then, keep on trying.

  5. Digital Dame said,

    I know :::hanging head in shame::: I just feel weird about asking people if I can park my car in their yard all day. I so want to get out of the car, be done with people tailgating me because I’m not doing 65 in a 55 zone, etc. Bleah.

  6. mjb said,

    There aren’t any side roads where you can park your car without getting a ticket? I used to live a few blocks from the train station, and my deadend street turned into the free overflow parking for the train station.

  7. Digital Dame said,

    Yeah, I’m working another angle now. There actually aren’t any side roads to park on, we’re talking rural farm country with nothing but long driveways up to the homestead along the way. However, if I go about a mile past where I need to turn, there is a development where one of my co-workers lives. He suggested I park by his house, so I think I’m going to try that and see how it goes. It’s mostly uphill to get out of the development so I may get tired of it real quick, but it’s an option to check out.

  8. metaljaybird said,

    Yeah, let me know how it goes!

    I unfortunately, turned my alarm clock off while in my sleep, so no ride this morning.

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