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Why I need to ride this afternoon…

Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on August 7, 2008

This morning I was rather disappointed when I realized that because I was slow to prepare, I had no time to ride my bike.

A few hours later I’m dealing with a rude client who feels that his SPAM issue across his network is my fault and demands I fix it while cussing me out.  The thing is, we’ve been working on resolving his spam appliance which is failing, but more specifically, I had nothing to do with this issue!

Anyway, the problem has been corrected, but I’ve been left with such a bad mood all afternoon that I went home during lunch, packed my bicycle in the car, and had my wife drop me off just so I can let off some steam later today.


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  1. Digital Dame said,

    Hope you found some time to bike over the weekend and things are settling down. Interesting that I was just reading another blog I ran across talking about magickal grimoires, and how our daily routines are like a ritual. One thing gets thrown off and it wrecks the whole day, and you end up having “one of those days”.

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