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Night Rider

Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on August 11, 2008
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KITT: “Hello, MetalCommuter, where would you like to go?”

How about a night ride?  I did last night and it was a thrill even with the sprinkling of rain.  My wife could tell the restlessness was getting the best of me by Sunday evening, so she practically begged me to get out into the fresh air to ride around a bit.

I had my front lamp on with my blinking reflector in the rear so I felt confident in my visibility for the passing vehicles.  I decided to head down 53 and then detour around some of the cul-de-sac neighborhoods in the Beacon Hill area of Denville eventually crossing into McMansion glory in Parsippany.  I found a neat trail with a couple pedestrian bridges that intersected two deadend streets.  Finally I crossed route 10 and climbed up a hill.  When I coasted down, I realized I was in the neighborhood I take to go home from time-to-time to challenge my legs with the hill.  Well, this was in the opposite direction and I was ready for the huge hill that would get me into Morris Plains.

35 mph was my top speed, and this is because I would feather my brakes around the corners slowing because I had minimum visibility with my rain splattered glasses on.  It was fun.  I felt like I was roaring along at a 100 miles per hour!  I will try this road out during a quiet part of a sunny day.

The ride left me in good spirits.  I’m not going to make a habit out of riding in the dark, but it can be good caffeine for the bored soul.


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