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Back onto a consistent track.

Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on August 20, 2008
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It seems I am getting used to rising early with the newborn.  Eh, he’s actually doing ok at night, though he can be determined to keep us up when his mind is made up.

I’ve been sticking with my normal route without adding any extra diversions.  Since the past few weeks have been so hectic, my body is screaming for a little rest.  I can’t afford to get sick right now.

I have noticed more bicyclists lately.  I don’t know if everyone realizes that summer will soon be ending, or if I’m hitting the right time of day when folks are on the road.  Anyway, it is nice to see others out.  Except for the person that blew a red light yesterday.  No, I’m not surprised when I see someone do this, but I am when I’m going 18+ through an intersection only to have some oblivion ignore the traffic light.

So, if you see a man with an expensive red road bike and a jersey to match, give him a nice loud “RED LIGHT!” declaration.  I fear he may be color blind and unable to differentiate between the three circles that comprise a traffic light.  Of course, everyone treats this particular intersection like a 3 way, instead of a 4 way.

On a lighter note, I’ve been thinking about getting a carrier.  I think with my shoes, clothes, toiletries, and towel, my bag weighs over 20 lbs.  Even more when lugging a laptop and study books for certification exams.


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  1. Digital Dame said,

    Are you talking about panniers/trunk in lieu of using a backpack? I’ve done both, and it’s so much more comfortable using the panniers. Schlepp as much stuff in to your office as possible via car (anything you can leave there, even a towel if there’s space) and just carry daily essentials. I realize not everyone has space at work to keep stuff, but if you can it makes the load a whole lot lighter and the ride much more pleasant.

  2. metaljaybird said,

    My cubicle at work is tiny. I do leave my car at work most of the week (in fact, it has been there for over 2 weeks now). I could probably stuff my junk in there if needed.

  3. Dean said,

    I got a pannier thats big enough to fit my messenger-kinda bag, basically I just pack my bag and stuff it into the pannier when I’m going, pull it out and go into work…easy. I’m using a typical ‘grocery pannier’. A diy pannier might be pretty easy to make. You’ll need a rack to mount it to.
    It was very nice to get the stuff off my back, especially in the heat. Mounted on the left I think the pannier may even force cars to give you a bit more room when passing.
    I saw a ton of cyclist yesterday! Also alot of small motorcycles/scooter/mopeds too. Most with luggage space. Pretty cool.

  4. Digital Dame said,

    That’s a good idea to store it in the car if the car is there anyway. I am so fortunate where I work, we have full locker rooms with showers (although the lockers are technically day-use only I keep my stuff locked up there all the time), covered bike lockers outside, and my boss even offered to let me park my bike in his cube if the bike lockers are full. (he splits his time between two different buildings). A small shower kit shouldn’t take up too much space, should it? Get travel-size bottles of whatever you use in liquid form, travel-size everything. Any spare cupboard or broom closet might do. Would your employer consider getting some kind of lockers for people to keep things in?

  5. metaljaybird said,

    We have lockers, actually, but they were placed into storage to make room for more server racks (we are a small IT company). The building doesn’t have any bike racks, so I store my bike under the stairwell and cross my fingers each afternoon.

    I do have a shower, thankfully, but lug everything to and fro. Oh well, it slows me down, but builds upper body.

  6. Tom said,

    I use panniers, but am not really satisfied with them. I tired a backpack and was even less satisfied and so went back to panniers. I’nm thinking about a front rack.
    I stow ten days of shirts (along with tolietries and shoes) at work> I put the trousers, lunch, and misc stuff in the panniers. They weigh more than I like…. and I hate to bring a laptop in them (did it once- will try hard not to do it again).

  7. Digital Dame said,

    @Tom: Have you tried a “trunk” on the bike? Some of those hold a good deal of stuff. I think I would prefer the trunk to a front pack. I don’t think you’d fit a laptop in a trunk bag, though. I like the panniers, but they are SO roomy, I’m afraid it will just encourage me to bring more crap 🙂 I’m not good at packing light to begin with. The ones I have are quite light without the waterproof liners (they slip in and attach with velcro). Mine are from a company called Banjo Brothers (there’s a link on my blog in one of my entries, I think “Gearing Up”).

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