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Shoot, my cyclometer stopped working!

Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on September 5, 2008

Since I did a half commute yesterday (I drove in, and rode home), I had my bike stuffed in the trunk of my Accent (yes, it fits when the rear seats are folded down).  The problem is, I was lazy yesterday morning, so I didn’t take care to make sure the cables weren’t pinched or pulled.

So, I just threw the bike in and was on my unmerry way stuck in traffic (sigh, I hate driving more and more, unless I’m going somewhere fun, like Maine next week).  8.5 hours later I made my way to the car and proceeded to remove the bike from the trunk.  I hook up the front wheel and start out on my merry way (I love riding past traffic on my bike).

I notice my cyclometer (Cateye Mty 8 ) isn’t registering my speed, just showing the wrong time.  I hit the mode button and it shows my mileage with a 0 as speed.  I know I’m slow, but not that slow!  So I pull over and check the magnet and receiver.  Everything is lined up properly.  Even the wire for the receiver looks good.  My only conclusion is that the cable or connection disconnected under the insulation.

And now I realize I am one who has a tough time riding with a disfunctional cyclometer.  I need to know how slow I’m going!


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