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And I’m Back

Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on September 17, 2008
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We had a nice time on vacation.  The rental car we were using overheated on the last day, so we had some issues getting a replacement, but the family is safe and sound back home in NJ.

I really had no time to ride, and as mentioned, no way of carting my bicycle up to New England.  I did stop in at a small bicycle shop in Amherst, MA.  Amherst is a pretty little college town (well, big, I believe there are 2 colleges, and Umass represented in Amherst) with a ton of boutique shops, restaurants, and a sweet town green to hang out on.  When we stopped over, they were just tearing down their farmer’s market, so I didn’t get a chance to taste the local produce.

I supported the bicycle shop by purchasing a much needed rear rack.  I almost pulled the trigger on panniers, but decided the $200.00 would be best spent elsewhere.

The rack is now installed but unused.  This morning’s ride was spent like usual, with a huge backpack on my shoulders.  Since we just received our homesteader’s rebate (this is a government waste program that spends money to give you back money if you own property and pay property taxes – why can’t they just cut the taxes in the first place?  I digress), I plan on going to a local shop and getting me some panniers.  Preferably the kind that can be thrown over the shoulders.

Anyway, it is good to be back and on the road.  My monthly mileage accumulation is down lower than average at this point, so I have a ton of catching up to do.


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  1. Bryan said,

    Welcome back. I lived in New England for about six years and this time of the year is nice up there.

  2. metaljaybird said,

    Hi Bryan,

    Yeah, I’m actually from New England, but have been living in NJ for about 8 years now. New Englanders are a different breed, that’s for sure, but I kind of like it.

  3. Tom said,

    Welcome back. I used to work at UMASS amherst. Actually it is called the five college region because of the 2 in Amherst, Smith College in Northhampton, Mount Hoyoke College, and ….. (Hampshire?) shoot I can’t remember the fifth. I love the area though. Some wonderful apple farms, hiking, and awesome restaurants.

  4. Dean said,

    Hey, I’m meeting up with the g.f. after our work tomorrow to go visit some folks….she works at St. Claire’s Denville. I was thinking of parking at the hospital in the morning, biking to work and back there in the evening to meet up with her…
    Do you have a preferred route to get towards Morristown from Denville?

  5. metaljaybird said,

    Hey Dean,

    I usually ride down 53 to where it meets 202. What time are you leaving?

  6. metaljaybird said,

    Dean, 53 in the morning is usually much better than the afternoon. I do know if a challenging hilly route to take you back to Denville through the back roads, if you’re interested.

    Well, challenging for me, that is.

  7. dsangie said,

    Haha, its 1, We’ll see if I can get to Denville at maybe 7:45. I’ll give 53 a shot! Thanks. Yeah, hilly back route home would rule.

  8. Dean said,

    Thanks! I wussed out and slept in so I just did my normal drive/ride. But thanks alot anyhow, the route may come in handy in the future. I will probably have some time to kill around 7 or so tonight to ride around Denville for half hour. Think I’ll head towards Indian Lake there.

  9. metaljaybird said,

    Heh, stop by my house if you want. Maybe you can give me some riding tips (like – don’t commute with a front suspension fork).

    Have fun.

  10. Dean said,

    Welp, I use the fattest tires that will fit cause I dont have a suspension fork!
    Sure, you live nearby there? if you dont wanna leave your address here…email me:

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