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Time for some weather adjustments

Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on September 22, 2008
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So it seems as if my days of riding in shorts and tee shirts are numbered.  It took me most of my commute to warm up this morning.  It is a fine balance between accounting for body warmth and air temp.  I think I’ll switch to long sleeves tomorrow if it is just as chilly.

My bag was extra heavy and bulky this morning:

– My work clothes
– Shoes
– Toiletry Bag
– Windows XP Professional Training Kit for 70-270 (MCSE)
– Lunch
– Towel (sure, not heavy, but big).

So it appears my small bottle of Head and Shoulders exploded.  My toiletry kit was covered with shampoo!  Kind of gross.  I must have looked strange emptying out the bag with my razors, deoderant, soap, and other necessities while cleaning out the shampoo.  Standing at the sink this morning, this was an unnecessary annoyance.

Head and Shoulders, you ask?  Yes, my head is prone to dryness.  There, I admit it.  I have dandruff!  You should see me if I let the mane really grow.  Actually, my hair hasn’t been so flaky lately.

No weekend riding.  I’ll be at a men’s retreat with my church in a couple weeks, so I am going to pack the Hardrock and check out the Deleware Water Gap.  This is a beautiful and underappreciated area of America.  I hate these stayovers, but they do more good than harm in the long run.


4 Responses to 'Time for some weather adjustments'

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  1. Bryan said,

    I feel so much closer to you now. Seriously, shampoo, or other fluids, leaking out into my suitcase or toiletry bag is always a big concern. If I can, I put them in a plastic shopping bag first before packing them.

  2. metaljaybird said,


    This was the first time. At first I was like, What the…, when I pulled out my plastic soap container. I now have my toiletry bag wrapped in a plastic target bag.

  3. Dean said,

    Uggh, sounds messy. Im always worried about my yogurt exploding into my bag. I’m digging my arm and leg warmers these past mornings. I got em both from martys reliable, they’re easy to pull on & off and stow away really small.

  4. metaljaybird said,

    Yeah, it was pretty messy, Dean.

    It is taking longer for me to warm each morning. I actually took a warmer shower this morning after the ride, which is a rarity.

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