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Random photos from my phone

Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on September 25, 2008
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Fourth day in a row that I saddled up.  Feeling alright.  In the spirit of the coming weekend, I decided to share some photos from my phone.  Most will be bike related.  This phone has the worst built in camera ever!

First up, a bicycle rack I found outside Chipotle’s in Bridgewater, NJ. (if you haven’t tried Chipotle’s, do yourself a favor):

Old New England minted coins:

My excuse for not riding on some mornings:

My top secret hiding place at work:

A monkey could steal it.  Most people never notice it.

But seriously, they are the reason I ride too:


Phantom Photo (or the inside of my bag or pocket):

I’m not a meth addict, but I spotted this at the self-checkout line at my local A&P:

(PS: Mouse over the pics for extra stuff).


2 Responses to 'Random photos from my phone'

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  1. Michael Schower said,

    You need to get some slicks for that bike! Or maybe even a road bike. You’ll love how much faster you’ll feel on the road, even with a $20 garage sale bike.

  2. metaljaybird said,

    I’ve definitely thought about getting slicks for the bike. As for a garage sale bike, I haven’t considered that. This bike was my entry back into bike riding, so I’m attached to it, but maybe I’ll check out some garage sales this weekend!

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