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Found on CL

Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on October 3, 2008

Cannondale for 275.00.  I think if you’re going to take a picture though, you might want to fix the chain first:


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  1. Dean said,

    Seems maybe pricey. Yeah, and a drive side pic would rule. Looks decent though… How tall are you? I know a guy who has way too many bikes.

  2. metaljaybird said,

    I’m like 5’10”. I’m not interested in this bike, and wasn’t going to buy it. I just thought this picture was funny.

  3. Michael Schower said,

    I remember seeing that bike on CL a few days ago as well.

    Bike doesn’t look too bad, aluminum c-dale with down tube shifters.

    I’d get some cheap aero brake levers, new bar tape, chain, and seat and it’d be a nice bike. But wayyy overpriced. And then take those aero bars off!

  4. metaljaybird said,

    I agree. While I want to purchase a new (used) bike, I’m not going near the 200.00 range right now.

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