Metal Bike Commuter


Posted in Uncategorized by metaljaybird on October 25, 2008

Rain, just go away.  Please.  I know we need you to supply sustenance to our plants and all, but can you come when I’m at work, and leave when I’m at home?


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  1. kendra said,

    I think the rain/snow combo is really the worst for biking. I think snow is easy to ride on, but rain, gah.

  2. kendra said,

    in, not on.

  3. metaljaybird said,

    The last time I remember riding in snow was on Christmas morning when I was in my early teens. My parents got me a 5 speed “mountain bike”. I never thought bikes and snow went well together, but I may change my mind this winter…er…fall?

  4. Digital Dame said,

    Looks like our rainy season has started here in the great Northwet. I’ve never tried riding in snow, don’t think I will anytime soon either 😉

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