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Riding serverly cut down

Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on November 5, 2008

I will be honest.  I haven’t been on my bike as much.  It isn’t as much the cold weather as it is the dark skies.  When I leave work, it is pitch black now.

Excuses, I know.  This means I will be purchasing some highly reflective, visible, cold weather attire.  Then I won’t have any excuses!

Being a metalhead, most of my clothing is dark.  I realize I don’t have to always embrace the darkside of life.  Cheers everyone, have a good week.


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  1. Michael said,

    Front and rear lights go a long way:

    These aren’t the best, but they’re cheap and work:

  2. Dean said,

    3m reflective tape is good stuff. Put it on your pedals and rims, helmet, anywhere. Its fun to cut out different shapes n stuff. ebay has some sellers. I think I got a good bit sent to me for just a few bucks shipped. You can get black reflective tape too Metalbiker.

  3. metaljaybird said,

    Black reflective tape! I foresee some horns thrown up \ m /

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