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December Ride

Posted in Uncategorized by metaljaybird on December 14, 2008

So I finally caved in and took a spin yesterday.  I ran up downtown past the hospital and then along Boulevard in Mountain Lakes to the Boonton town line.

This is maybe an 8 mile round trip, but it is a beautiful ride, and one of my favorites.  The mansions along Boulevard are looking especially nice during the Holiday season.

While riding past the hospital, I noticed a giant, retarded looking Mickey Mouse:

Union Rat

My guess is that some union was protesting a building expansion at the hospital that was completed without the use of a union.

Eh. Politics while riding are boring.

The ride wiped me out. It was very cold out, and I think it enhanced my cold symptoms that were laying dormant before the ride. I definitely feel worse for the wear at this point. Normally, an 8 mile ride is enough to get my blood going.

Anyway, despite the cold, I was pleased to finally brave the cold, dodge the ice patches, and enjoy creation.

I’m probably not going to hit my year end goal, unless I have a couple epic rides between now and New Year’s Eve. Oh well, looking back, I think I accomplished a lot more than I originally set out. I finally bit the bullet and became a bike commuter. I enjoyed the mild springs, rode through lightening storms, sweated it out in the humid dog days of summer, loved the crispness of fall, and have experienced the challenge that is winter.

I’ll return after my next ride.


Newark Court System

Posted in Uncategorized by metaljaybird on December 10, 2008

I had my day in court today.

On October 20th, while trying to find a client’s office to do some virus repair on their network, I was pulled over for turning right onto Broad Street. The traffic officer informed me that there were no turns onto Broad Street from Water Street (I think that’s the name of the street).  It was about a $75.00 fine with 3 points on my driving record.

This year I finally had all of my points removed. So after much debate, I decided I would try to fight this in court.

One problem. No human being would answer the 800 number provided on the back of my ticket. It was a constant loop of how to pay the bill online or at the Green Street Court.

Through many emails and phone tag, I finally set my court date for today at 8:30 am.

I arrived at court in a sour mood because my poor little one was up half the night, keeping his parents up too. Of course, I hit bad traffic on the way (and thinking to myself, “Why didn’t I take the train?”), and came in ten minutes late. No problem, the judge was about an hour late.

I made a deal with the prosecutor to plead guilty to a “Failure to Obey Traffic Signal” violation with no points.

Driving sucks.

While walking to an ATM in downtown Newark, I noticed someone’s bike locked up to a signpost. I think they had their front wheel secured with the U-lock, and I know they tried securing their helmet by simply latching it around the lock! I was going to take a picture of it, but with the amount of cops standing around, I changed my mind. I figured they’d start questioning me, and to be frank, I’m done with dealing with the government today!

I am really thinking about just sucking it up and riding in the dark winter time.  I’m sure you’ll be the first to hear about it if I do.

Where have you been?

Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on December 4, 2008

I have been at work.

I haven’t been riding in weeks.  Or so it seems.

I setup my wife’s bike on a stand for practicing in the basement.  It is not the same, but I still don’t feel comfortable riding my roads when it is pitch black.  As previously mentioned, I need to make myself more visible, but I am seriously lacking in the funds department.

Boy do I miss riding around.