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December Ride

Posted in Uncategorized by metaljaybird on December 14, 2008

So I finally caved in and took a spin yesterday.  I ran up downtown past the hospital and then along Boulevard in Mountain Lakes to the Boonton town line.

This is maybe an 8 mile round trip, but it is a beautiful ride, and one of my favorites.  The mansions along Boulevard are looking especially nice during the Holiday season.

While riding past the hospital, I noticed a giant, retarded looking Mickey Mouse:

Union Rat

My guess is that some union was protesting a building expansion at the hospital that was completed without the use of a union.

Eh. Politics while riding are boring.

The ride wiped me out. It was very cold out, and I think it enhanced my cold symptoms that were laying dormant before the ride. I definitely feel worse for the wear at this point. Normally, an 8 mile ride is enough to get my blood going.

Anyway, despite the cold, I was pleased to finally brave the cold, dodge the ice patches, and enjoy creation.

I’m probably not going to hit my year end goal, unless I have a couple epic rides between now and New Year’s Eve. Oh well, looking back, I think I accomplished a lot more than I originally set out. I finally bit the bullet and became a bike commuter. I enjoyed the mild springs, rode through lightening storms, sweated it out in the humid dog days of summer, loved the crispness of fall, and have experienced the challenge that is winter.

I’ll return after my next ride.


2 Responses to 'December Ride'

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  1. kendra said,

    You rock!

  2. crazyguyonabikenj said,

    I was thinking of starting the New Year right by going for a ride. I was going to meet a friend who lives in Boonton and would ride through Indian lake. A very easy spin just to get the blood flowing and stay warm. If your interested, emal me so we can exchange numbers. pelter at aol dot com.

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