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A Good Start to the New Year

Posted in Uncategorized by metaljaybird on January 6, 2009

This past Sunday, I received a voice message from Crazyguyonabike. I was running the sound board at church at the time, so I couldn’t check the message. This being the first time he called me, I didn’t recognize the number. I sent a text message back asking what’s up. “You want to ride today” was the reply back. Oh, now I know who this is! I was definitely interested.

I called him after church finished, and we agreed to meet at Watson’s Bagels in downtown Denville. Crazyguyonabike took a bunch of pictures with his Fujifilm FinePix E900. He started out from the Union Hill area of Denville. Also riding was Chris who came in from Boonton.

Crazyguyonabike took this one from near his house, I’m guessing. I’ve crossed this bridge when commuting home. This is the road I take when trying to avoid busy Route 53.

I live right across the street from Indian Lake, as mentioned before. The lake was an ice block the afternoon we rode. Crazyguy must have rode right past my house on his way to the bagel shop to get this shot.

Ok, bear with me. The shaggy dude on the left is metalcommuter. The tall man is Crazyguyonabike. We stopped in front of a farm in Rockaway. See if you can spot the llamas and sheep.

Here’s Chris in full winter riding gear. Nice bike!

Action shot with the top of the Tourne off in the distance.

I felt like a hopeless noob. Crazyguy and Chris both sported proper riding gear, while I had on a huge winter coat that left me sweating and cold at the same time.

More Indian Lake. My street runs from the left side of the picture to about the middle.

Thanks to Chris and Crazyguy for including me on this ride. They showed me that it is possible to ride in the cold weather. Also, they were kind enough to take it slow for the heavy dude on fat knobby tires.


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  1. kendra said,

    That looks like you guys had fun!

  2. crazyguyonabikenj said,

    I had a great time. I did wear my winter jacket over my “proper riding gear” I had a cycling fleece underneath that wicks the sweat away from my body and I felt dry. The cycling tights are a little geeky, but they feel good. I had thermal underwear under them. I look forward to the next ride.

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