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Took a ride on Saturday

Posted in Uncategorized by metaljaybird on March 2, 2009

So I changed my flat tire finally. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I bought tubes with presta valves, instead of the schrader valves. I looked at the valve for about 10 minutes, trying to figure it out. My floor pump has an adapter, so I had that part working, but when pumping, nothing happened!

Thank God for the intertubes! I finally found directions on loosening the valve, and then presto, the tube finally filled up.

Also, I had to battle to get my new bicycle computer installed. I think I was rushing things but, I eventually figured it out. Of course, now I need to learn how to change from KMs to Miles.

I took a spin around the Rockaway/Denville border. The trail I normally use was muddy as heck, but I sloshed through it, eventually.

It is good to be back.