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Good ride recently.

Posted in Uncategorized by metaljaybird on April 3, 2009

Yes. I’ve been a slacker. I chickened out as the winter set in. I had to meet my wife for lunch, because only one out of two cars are working.

The dead car is another story, and entirely frustrating.

Anyway, I put the bike on the roof rack (after a decidedly frustrating attempt at repairing some things, which they’re fixed now, but I was still angry), and she dropped me off at work.

I rode home on the bicycle with my new saddle bag I received for my 30th birthday. Wow, that thing can carry a ton of stuff! The weight was off of my shoulders, and on the rear rack. The first few yards, I had to get used to the balance redistribution, but after that, I was golden. I think I imagined I was able to ride faster, but that was probably my imagination.

I hope to jump into it next week, but I really can’t ride too often until I get my piece of junk car back on the road. Because my job requires jump and run client visits, I need a car. Last year I left the thing in the parking lot the entire season, while I made use of my more enjoyable mode of transportation.

Hopefully this weekend allows for sometime to do some rec riding around the area. I need the exercise and the respite from the madness that is my busy life!

So now that the season is in full bloom, I should be updating here more often. Any of you readers who are still hanging with the metalcommuter have any stories to tell regarding your daily commute?


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  1. crazyguyonabikenj said,

    I’m still here. I’m glad I didn’t hold my breath. Speaking of cars, I have the luxury of having 2 of them and a couple of bicycles. I’ve been keeping one car and one bike at work, and the others at my home. This is good since it gives me the option alternating between bike and car while I’m trying to get back into shape. It’s also nice when the weather is foul. The bad thing is I tend to get lazy sometimes and take the easy way out by driving the car.

  2. metaljaybird said,

    Nice, we need to meet up for a ride around Rockaway!

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