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Spring is here

Posted in Uncategorized by metaljaybird on April 17, 2009

Yes, it is official. Warm weather is finally upon us.

I’m back in the habit, out of hibernation. Yesterday I rode into work, even though I had a client visit in Montclair at 1:30. Remember, we have one working vehicle, and technically, the car I’ve been driving everyday is my wife’s. She normally works from home, but had a meeting in the morning. To work around this, I met her at home during lunch. Riding a bike during lunch is an excellent option for me, because most of my client visits are in the afternoon. I had enough time to ride home, take a shower, and scarf down a burrito.

I found the Morris Plains “Borough Walking Trail” a few months back.

This connects Route 53 to a residential neighborhood a few blocks from route 202. You’ll recognize the high tension wires that run parallel to the trail. I’m not sure if bikes are permitted on the trail, but I’ve yet to see anyone hiking on it.

My odometer (now reading in miles, instead of KMs) had me at 30 miles per hour bouncing down the steep hill! What a thrill this was for me first thing in the morning. My grin was plastered on my face the entire minute and thirty seconds it took me to fly down. (Normally a walk down would take about 10 minutes). I don’t think I’ll be using the trail on my commute home.

I think I’ll take a nice long detour today. The weather is so nice, that it is actually energizing me for a ride.


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