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Critical Mass

Posted in Uncategorized by metaljaybird on April 28, 2009

Last Friday I rode in company with about 70 zombies. Luckily, my brains are still intact. Pete showed up in his motorcycle gear. I’ll try to refrain from any Village People jokes from here on out.

My thoughts on the Critical Mass

1.  Fun.  Honestly, I really enjoy riding by myself, which is probably why I waited almost a year to join in with the Critical Mass.  I’m glad I did it.  This seems like a nice way to meet other people enjoying creation.  In fact, my wife can vouch to the fact that I had a good time, as this is all I talked about over the weekend.

2.  Organized.  The two words “Critical” and “Mass” sound chaotic.  You would think it would be an unorganized mass of cyclists cutting in and out of traffic reeking havic on the streets.  You would think wrong.  People were assigned to direct traffic, it started on time, and nobody harrased pedestrians or drivers.

3.  Short.  Understandbly, the route was very short, but when you have children along, it is best to make it easy for the youngsters.  Later on, while I was riding home up long hills, I was happy with that fact.  Besides, it seems that part of the ride is to take in the sights.  I felt like I was in a parade, so it was interesting to see the bystanders reactions as this huge mass of body and bikes rambled by.  Morristown is a perfect town for such a ride.

Ride Home

After the CM, Pete and I decided to head home.  I was feeling a little under the weather, was broke, and foolishly thought it would take me 30 minutes to get home.  Pete, ever the glutton for punishment, took me on the “easy” hills through Morris Twp, Parsippany, and Denville.  I think with the combined riding of the morning, afternoon, and the evening, I was just plumb tired.

I thank Pete for keeping it at a slow pace, or else I fear I would have just stopped near Graystone Park and checked into one of their empty rooms.  Also, I forgot to bring a blinky, so he wisely offered one of his spares.  This I was very thankful for when the night grew dark after parting our ways.

The Tourne

I took Saturday off from riding, keeping myself busy in the yard, and throwing a BBQ with some friends.  However, by Sunday, I was itching to try the Red Trail at the Tourne again.  I brought a bottle of water with me because the weather was in the 90s (according to my cyclometer, it was 95 when I rode).

I reversed the trail from last time.  I seriously think it was easier, but the fact that I was tired and it was so hot, I had to stop more times, and the actually bailed once!  No scratches or bruises, just my pride was hurt.  I tried to make a boulder, but instead of pulling up, I went head over handlebars as my bike fell to the ground.  I had room to run so as not to let the bike crash on me, but I’ve read that some advise to hold onto the bike while it is falling.  This is why I’m a newbie when it comes to MTB’ing.


There’s some doubts as to whether it is permissable to ride this trail.  Why?  Because a few years back most trails were closed to bicycle traffic.  I found only one sign that prohibited bikes, but this was on a trail in Mtn. Lakes, not the Tourne trail.  While I headed towards the Red Trail from the parking lot, I spotted a cop, he noticed me, but went on with his conversation.

So, I will have to find out for sure where I can ride, because there are inconsistencies when it comes to signage.


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  1. Dean said,

    Great! its gotta be one of the kindest gentlest c.masses around. I love it. I would not ride the c.mass if it turned into a bikes vs. cars kinda ride.
    Oh, and no one is assigned to corking the streets, people just do it.

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