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Feeling Stronger

Posted in Uncategorized by metaljaybird on May 19, 2009

I recently had a record time heading the most direct route home.  Thirty minutes portal to portal, including the massive (not so massive) hill in Mt. Tabor.  I don’t know, something clicked, and I decided to ride the entire trip with very little coasting breaks.

Compared to a few weeks ago, I feel like my legs are in slightly better condition, though I haven’t dropped a ton of weight.  Yet.  This will start to happen as I get smarter with my diet.

Pete has encouraged me to take longer more challenging routes.  I’ve taken his advice, and the route of choice takes me an extra thirty minutes with much more challenging hills.  I hope to have some pictures, because this route is pretty (well, except for the high tension power lines on some of the ride).  While it has less traffic, I’ve noticed myself a bit intimidated climbing a winding country road hoping the next car flying around the bend sees me before it is too late.  My direct route has nice shoulders for much of the ride, whereas this route forces me to take the road.

Flat Tire Mishaps

I’ve had two flats in as many weeks.  Both times, the rear tire mysteriously emptied out over night.  I am beginning to wonder if I have some sort of bicycle gremlin lurking in the shadows of my basement, waiting for the most inconvient time to wreak havoc.

I think the reasons for the flat tires are to be attributed to riding in the early season when road debris is at a higher level.  Still, I hate flat tires!

Boston Sports

Both of my spring time playoff teams were knocked out of the playoffs early.  Alas, this means that the Bruins, and Celtics will be hitting the links, cruising in their yachts, getting dental surgery, or whatever it is that pro athletes do in the offseason.  On the plus, this also means that I won’t be staying up all hours of the week watching my teams win championships, the plus being that I’ll go to bed at more Godly hours ready to ride early in the morning.

I’m still rooting for the old team in Boston though.

Work Move

Next week my company moves.  This maybe adds a quarter mile to my commute, but I’m wondering if they have showers.  So far, I have had no luck in locating them, but I’ve only looked at the one men’s room near our new office.  Bonus, they actually have a cafeteria.  Not that I have money to spend there anyway.

I may have to learn how to commute without taking a shower.  Yuck!  I know other (if not most) commuters do it this way, but once you have the luxury of a shower you start taking it for granted.  Some good advice I’ve read, is to take it easy on the way in so that you don’t build up a terrible sweat, and then get the real work out on the way home.  I may practice this next week.

My thought

The president wants to make it so all new cars by 2016 have to have a minimum 35.5 MPG.  I’m not sure this is realistic, and I’m also unsure if this is the best way to confront our dependency on foreign oil.  While I’m a big fan of new technology and advancement in different energy outlets, I wonder if we should just allow the market to dictate MPGs and how to figure out a cheap way at extracting the oil from shale.

Then again, I’m no energy expert, I just enjoy riding a bike.


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