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On Conquering a Hill

Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on July 13, 2009

Last year, I wrote about a hill that defeated me. Union Hill Road. Here’s an excerpt from that post:

“There’s this road called Union Hill that runs through Parsippany just past Greystone Park. Man, that hill almost gave me a heart attack. I first started tackling the road with determination figuring it would eventually flatten out. After what seemed like hours (probably minutes) I finally gave up

Yesterday I was riding, and knew that I was near that terrible road.  For some reason, I got it set in my mind that I would be able to ride the hill without bailing.  The closer I got, the more I convinced myself that it wouldn’t be as bad this time, after all, I know have a year of dedicated riding under my belt.  Finally I came across the road where it intersects.  As I approached, I debated changing my mind.  Multiple excuses came to me, like the fact that I needed to have energy after the ride for a BBQ so that I could chow down on hamburgers without my jaw falling asleep.

Finally I crossed onto Union Hill.  My heart started racing as I grew more nervous over the anticipation of having to climb this beast.  I didn’t want to fail out on this road.  I lowered my gears, and after a few yards, succumbed to the granny gear.  Not good, I thought.

Climb I did.  Slowly, but at a manageable pace.  Eventually the pain became something I was able to ignore.  I forced myself to take deep long breaths.  Cars passing by were only mere distractions, but I did not falter.  As I continued up the gigantic hill, a truck full of teenagers passed.  While their attempt at a joke may have disgruntled me any other time, this time I took it as encouragement to continue my quest at defeating the dragon hill.

And so, on I continued…

Halfway through, I was tired.  I kept moving.  I cannot stop, or else lose my momentum, and if my foot plants once, that means the hill defeated me again.

After some time, it was just me and the hill.  I think the hill knew that I was ready today.  It tried to slow me with the its ally, the wind, but my mind was made up.  That son of a gun of a hill was going down.  I think I heard “Eye of the Tiger” filtering through the leaves from a nearby BBQ.  I was encouraged.


Hill crest.

There I was.  My legs slowed down as I raised the gearing.  I had defeated a once worthy nemesis.  Union Hill Road was now mine.


3 Responses to 'On Conquering a Hill'

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  1. Apertome said,

    Hey, congratulations! It always feels great to conquer an old nemesis.

  2. metaljaybird said,

    Thanks, Apertome.

    Today’s the first day I haven’t ridden, and likely won’t. I am already getting that antsy feeling.

  3. resveratrol said,

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