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Flying Sodas

Posted in Uncategorized by metaljaybird on August 17, 2009

How anticlimactic is it when throwing a large soda at a cyclist, only to miss?

Ask the goofy teenagers in the black SUV who tried that yesterday.  They are so lucky they didn’t come to a stop light immediately following their failed attempt at humor.


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  1. crazyguyonabikenj said,

    I’m wondering if there’s a full moon out. That’s when all the crazies come out. I was riding yesterday as well and this suped up Honda w/the extra loud exhaust accels past me full throttle. I gave them a sarcastic thumbs up(he probably thought I gave him the one finger salute). The kid pulls over (I think into his driveway) and just gives me a dirty look. As I pass him, he yells some obscenities. I’m thinking what a waste of all that acceleration and energy just to put it into your brakes. I was a bit nervous the rest of the ride thinking of what these crazy kids would do. Fortunalely, I didn’t see him again. I always try and stand up for myself, but I have to remember that If I’m going to fight a car, it’s usually a losing battle to the cyclist.

  2. metaljaybird said,

    I was nervously checking my back every so often to make sure that they didn’t come back.

    In the end, I should have kept my mouth shut, but I was upset at them.

  3. kendra said,

    people make me mad

  4. kendra said,

    I had a longer more involved comment, but it was easy to edit down

  5. metaljaybird said,

    I had a longer entry for this, but toned it down. I figured I’d mention it, and that would be my rant. However, I’m sure this has happened to quite a few cyclists out therre.

  6. dsangie said,

    Yup, the ranting helps! I usually try and not rant at my non-bikey friends and family cause I think it just makes them more nervous about me biking all over.
    Some lady honked and got obscene with me a coupla weeks ago for riding my bike in front of her. I stopped to talk with her and she got real nasty, such a nice looking old lady too. It kinda grated on me for a while til I ranted to Kendra.., just a quick email or chat is good for letting it go.

  7. dsangie said,

    I dont have many ‘run ins’ with them but I think there is something to the .1% (point 1) of the population being a-holes or however you wanna put it.
    1 in a 1,000 cars has some ignoramus jerk to look out for?

  8. metaljaybird said,

    Still, the odds are against us as cyclists. This is why I set up this blog, to motivate me to ride, report on any mean drivers, and as a means of entertainment. Unfortunately, it has been quiet lately, which kind of reflects the amount of riding I’ve been involved with.

    Somehow my left shoulder has been killing me, I haven’t figured out if it is related to my riding posture, or my sleeping habits. I plan on riding tonight at the Denville thing.

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