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Deer, Chipmunks, Bunny Rabbits, and Other Trail Hazards

Posted in Uncategorized by metaljaybird on June 15, 2011

So, for the past few days, my little detour, the short trail I take that cuts between routes 53 and 202, I have had near death experiences due to the local inhabitants of that field.  Yesterday a tiny little furball of a rabbit jumped in front of my tire just missing becoming dinner for the turkey vultures by a few inches.  Today, a grown white tailed deer jumped out of the field and into my path.  I was probably a good ten yards away from Bambi, but I was bombing a hill at the time.  Instinctively I clamped down onto my brakes causing a fishtail of dust.  I think I’d rather bail then smash into a 150 pound beast.  My heart skipped a few hundred beats, but the deer jetted out of my way before an accident report was necessary.



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