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Why “Metal Commuter”?

Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on June 5, 2008
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Why is this blog called “Metal Commuter”, you may ask.  Well, simply because I’m not the most creative individual, and I like heavy metal (music, the movie, and sometimes the transitional metal types).  Of course, I appreciate other forms of music, but nothing hits hard like metal.  From the 70s to today, I appreciate metal of all variants (well…there is that pop thingy from the late 80s, but some bands are ok).

So, as a new bicycle commuter, I didn’t want to call myself “BikeCommuter” or “BicycleRider”.  MetalCommuter was the farthest I could reach in my right brain for something unusual and different.

The morning ride in was kind of cold and the skies looked dreary.  Gray.  Weather dude says it won’t rain until 6, so I’ll risk it.  If I get poured on, I can always skip a shower at home.  Tonight is going to be a long night.  The Celtics face off against the Lakers in what should be a good match up.  The big issue I have is that the NBA thought it sensible to start a playoff game at 9:00 PM.  I don’t see what is wrong with starting a game at 7:00 PM.  Most working human beings can’t afford to be up past 12 every other night watching a basketball game.