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Skipped Today

Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on June 4, 2008
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It was supposed to rain all day, so I decided to drive in.  (Well, the wife needed our one working car, so she dropped me off).  So far, no rain.

As I ride more, I notice my appetite has grown considerably.  If I want to lose some weight, I realize I need to watch my intake so that the pounds will start slipping off.  At 29 years old, I also realize that 30 seems to be that magic number where health-related issues start to occur.  Biking is a start, but only part of the solution.  First step is to eliminate the extra snacks.  I’m pretty good at work, but it is at home when the trouble starts.

I’m a family man.  With some history of heart disease on my mother’s side, I need to do what I can to take care of myself so that I’m around to see my kids grow up, and have lives of their own.  Sure, my daughter is only 2, and my son will be born next month, but again, this is the time to start.

It wasn’t until I became a married man that I started putting on weight.  While my wife hasn’t gained a pound and maintains her weight of about 115 lbs, I think I gained about 40 to 50 pounds since we tied the knot.  This is in part due to my job, and my general lack of exercise.  This is why I want to ride.  I enjoy it, and I need it.

Tuesday’s ride home went pretty good, though I was spent when I got home.  My legs are starting to feel the burn entering into my 4th week of commuting by bike.  Tomorrow’s forecast looks ok.  The rain should hold off until about 6 Pm, but the weather predictors have been off quite a bit lately.



Cool Morning

Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on May 20, 2008

So today was a cool ride in. Literally. I wore shorts and a tee shirt and at 50 degrees this morning, that was just a little too cold. After the second mile my body was warmed up. At least I wasn’t sweaty this morning.

Right now it’s raining, so I guess I’m looking forward to a rather wet home commute.

I think I may have inspired the building manager. He came up to me asking a question on how to remove rust from his frame because he plans on riding from the train station to work.

New Bike Commuter

Posted in Uncategorized by metaljaybird on May 16, 2008

Well, this is my blog for all things bike commuting.  I just started on Wednesday, rode on Thursday, and skipped Friday (torrential rain storm).

My other blog has a few entries about my experiences thusfar, which I’ll place over here soon enough.

So far: I’m loving the ride!