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Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on July 23, 2008
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Props to Dean for this find:

Denville, the self-defined “Hub of Morris County” with a busy business district, would appear to have little in common with a small town in Wisconsin.

Yet, the 41/2-square-mile Midwestern municipality of Sparta, population 9,600, has an influential fan in Denville Mayor Ted Hussa.

Hussa — a cycling aficionado who regularly rides from his office to town hall and is even planning to participate in a “critical mass” ride in Morristown — said on Friday that he wants to increase bicycling in Denville.

I had a couple email exchanges regarding speeding traffic on my street in Denville.  He was kind enough to reply back with some stats and all.  I was also part of the local Ron Paul brigade, and supposedly he supported the man for President.  He sounds like a regular dude, in my humble opinion.

Denville is a perfect town in Morris County to become not just the Morris County Hub, but the bicycle Hub of Morris County.  From a nice downtown, to parks, lakes, and winding roads, the town would only benefit by alloting pathways throughout the town.