Metal Bike Commuter

August Recap

Posted in bike commute by metaljaybird on September 2, 2008

I did not reach my August goal of commuting 240 miles, so I will adjust my September goal to 240 miles.  I ended up at 193 miles, which was 13 miles over my July totals.

My longest ride was 24 miles spent perusing Morristown and Madison, NJ, whereas my average daily mileage was about 12 miles.

On my last day spent riding in August, I was the recipient of a flat tire.  The tread on my tire was so bald, that I didn’t want to risk blowing it even though I was able to patch the tube.

I planned on riding a bunch this past weekend, but my wife was kind enough to let me build her raised garden beds for her garden.  She now owns the entire backyard, and I am sporting a nifty sunburn.  I am totally sore from the backbreaking work, but I should be able to ride again by tomorrow.

I was able to clean my bike.  Yuck, there was so much road grit that it took some elbow grease to get it to a less embarrasing shine.  While I was at it, I changed the front brake pads, and “borrowed” the front wheel of my wife’s bike, while also “borrowing” her rear tire.  I tried to go shopping on Sunday, but all of the local bicycle shops were closed.

I should be back into the swing of things tomorrow morning.


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